Abana Mortgages provides custom mortgage solutions for Residential, Commercial & Construction Real Estate purchases. 

With our expertise in West Vancouver Real Estate, we’ll help you bank on a successful investment. Act now and discover your financial potential!

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With our available range of financing options, you will have access to each resources depending on your application requirements. The diagram below outlines funding resources we extend to our clients.

Trust Companies: A piece of mind goes a long way knowing Abana Mortgages works only with the most diligent financial institutions in Vancouver. From timely information to accurate legal conveyance, you are in good hands with our referral network.
Monoline Lenders: Focusing on simply a mortgage that works for you, we work with Monoline Lenders with less banking requirements to streamline the process and obtain funding in a more efficient manner.
Private Institutions: Our long lasting relationships with Private Institutions further add a new range of flexibility for our clients. For generally short terms lending, our network of affiliates are accessible at your request.
Abana Capital: Our in-house access to capital is the fastest and most effective way to receive an investment to help you succeed. Abana Capital has invested over $100M in Real Estate with a outstanding portfolio of achievements.
Syndicated Mortgages: Where constraints of Traditional Banks limit the vision of your construction project, a Syndicated Mortgage with the help of additional lenders can help get the financing that best suits your needs.
Traditional Banks: Our first perspective starts here. At Abana Mortgages, we speak the banking language and can better translate your application to Traditional Banks for a optimized level of funding.

Our Capital Lending Categories:


Make Yourself at Home With Abana’s Residential Mortgages. Abana provides custom mortgages for luxury homes in West Vancouver and the surrounding British Columbia areas.


With our Commercial Mortgages, we’re Banking on your Success. Abana Mortgages can offer you the solution you need via a strategic road map to a faster realization of your commercial investment.


Investing from the Ground Up has never been easier thanks to Construction Loans from Abana Mortgages. Our effectiveness comes from experience and clear understanding of the process.

Alternative Financing

We are prepared to help our clients regardless of monumental challenges. Abana Mortgages can provide access to private lending sources for generally short term borrowing needs.